Make More Money on Your Airbnbs, Rentals, & Homes. 

Through premium add-on experiences and services offered to guests on our platform. 

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Enhance your

guest experience

Get paid more for your creativity

and unique offerings

We know firsthand how difficult it can be to stand out amidst a crowded home rental market, and how challenging it can be to maximize profits. Our platform makes is easy for you to provide your guests with custom offerings and packages, collect payments and tips, and make the most of your properties. 


Create a page (for free) on our platform with custom offerings, packages, and more 


After a guest completes booking, offer the additional services before or during arrival 


Help your guests leave with a more memorable and incredible experience!

How Does It Work?

Examples of Offerings You Can Provide:

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The premium offerings you add are customizable to your preferences and capabilities. You are responsible for the execution of the offering, and thus receive the extra commision that it brings. Here are some examples:

  • Custom arrival welcome package

  • Bachelorette or Bachelor party package

  • Video games or board games additions

  • Baby items or needs

  • Romantic date arrival package

  • 24/7 concierge

  • Buy me a coffee / tip offering

  • Food delivery or upon arrival

  • Cookout area and smores set up

  • Alcohol upon arrival 

  • Itinerary, day planning, and set up

  • Much more!!